I’ve worked with Kris Barrett over the past 3 years.  My first experience with her as a teacher was through her Pilates for the Rider class.  Taking Kris’ class was not only fun; but helped me tremendously with my core strength, balance, flexibility and body position.  I started taking lessons with Kris after I bought a new, very athletic horse that proved to be challenging once we got him home.  Kris was always patient and positive with my sometimes-difficult horse; and the next year we were able to begin successfully showing.  Kris’ help was also invaluable when we started looking for a new eventing prospect for my daughter.  Together we found a great match.  My daughter and her horse had a very successful year at training level, and plan to move up to preliminary this year.

Kris is also very effective teaching young riders.  Both of my Pony Club kids took lessons with her, which they loved and looked forward to.  As coordinator for our pony club’s mounted program I would often arrange for Kris to teach clinics.  Both kids and parents loved her clear, positive teaching style; and were always asking when we could have her back.

Kris Barrett has my highest recommendation.

Marida Berlin

3-day eventer and dressage

Joint D.C. Portola Valley Pony Club (2004-2008)

Kris Barrett is a real treasure!  She is simply a superb rider and outstanding trainer, and can ably help ANYBODY who is serious about dressage-from training level to Grand Prix. Her cheerful and positive “can do” attitude, coupled with a super ability to convey the proper use of weight and body position for correct riding, and a sincere compassion for both the horse and rider are Kris’ major assets which ensure the best possible outcome in training.  In addition, her extensive experience makes her an invaluable resource for achieving a full understanding of your horse and ensuring their best care.  North Carolina, our loss is your gain.  Don’t miss the opportunity to see how your training progresses with someone who really cares.

-Patricia A. Leake, PhD, Professor, Dept of Otolaryngology, UCSF

I am an adult amateur rider who has been riding for 22 years and currently compete in both dressage and hunter/jumper.  I started riding and competing in eventing and dressage.  After retiring my event horse, I moved to jumpers with a young horse while dabbling in dressage with the same horse.  After starting lessons with Kris, I became a more active dressage competitor.  While concurrently competing this horse as a jumper, Kris moved us through the levels to where we are currently showing, 3-3 and 4-1.  This is a great achievement considering that this horse is a talented horse but lacks rideability from a dressage perspective.  Many other instructors would not have persevered to help me make it this far with this horse. 

Kris also helped me bring along my home-bred jumper.  This horse, while a brave and gifted jumper, is spooky and inattentive.  Kris always had new, effective and challenging ideas using cavalettis, ground rails and raised rails to develop this horse’s control and jumping abilities.  Many times while bringing this horse along I wanted to get rid of him.  Without Kris’ help, this difficult horse may have become an unwanted, incorrigible horse.  Instead now my jumper trainer, Buddy Brown, comments on how his jumps just get better and better.

I am also appreciative that Kris was always on time for lessons, provided “homework” and coached us at the shows.  Since Kris moved away, I have not been able to find a comparable replacement yet.  It will likely be some time before I do.

Throughout my riding, I have been coached by a number of trainers of various disciplines, many of them excellent and well respected riders and instructors.  Kris is that rare instructor that is committed to teaching the student and takes pride in her student’s accomplishments.  The success of an instructor is measured by how many great riders they produce.  I predict Kris will produce many great riders during her teaching career.

-Kenton Taylor

To take a less than confident rider and a less than trained Friesian into the intricate world of dressage is a daunting task.  Kris Barrett was for me the most inspirational, talented, and professional trainer anyone could hope to experience. We (Dooley and I) went, with Kris’ guidance, from the basics to winning at rated California dressage shows. Her compassion, horsemanship, and overall knowledge of the sport is extraordinary.

-Kate Brauner and Dooley (the now very talented Friesian)

I have the highest regard for Kris Barrett as a horse trainer and riding instructor.  I was Kris’ student at Webb Ranch in Menlo Park, CA, for two years.  She also assisted me in the purchase of my new horse, a Lusitano from Brazil.  In every way and every arena (literally), Kris demonstrates the highest integrity and professionalism.  She is intelligent, dependable, and conscientious.  She exhibited these qualities in the purchase of my new horse, expertly representing my interests to ensure I found the best equine partner to match my skill level and riding goals.  In her teaching, Kris exhibits patience and kindness with horses and humans alike.  I have witnessed her ability to train different types of horses and riders, and her inherent ability to adapt her techniques to match the unique needs of each horse or rider.  A unique benefit of working with Kris is her ability to share her knowledge and experience of human body mechanics acquired through her training in Pilates, knowledge that provides a uniquely trained eye and method of instruction to improve a rider’s form.

-Karen Dolkas

For more information about lessons and clinics please write to info@barrett-training.com